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Slender Scares - Halloween 2023

Patch Notes - 26/10/2023 Game Play Adjustments, QOL Updates, Bug Fixes and Halloween!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has played the Anniversary Update, we have been gathering a lot of feedback to improve your gameplay experience, adding quality-of-life updates and fixing bugs. But that’s not all, we have a devilish treat in store for you in today’s patch. Get ready because Halloween has Arrived

Trick or Treat?

Halloween has swept its way into Slender: The Arrival. You may start seeing some newly added Halloween decorations hung up around Kate’s house to spruce up the place. Who knows, maybe someone may come around for some trick-or-treating?

Sightings of faceless pumpkins have been reported and are scattered all around the game. Be sure to pick them up along your journey, they will make collecting 8 pages look like a piece of candy. Do not be fooled into thinking this a trick, Slender Man is waiting for you to collect them all. Once you have obtained all 30 pumpkins, Slender Man has a delicious treat in store, but he’s shy and needs some convincing to show it off this year.

Slender Man’s Treat

Slender Man has prepared a wonderful surprise for all of you, however only the bravest souls will be able to unlock this new mystery. Collect all 30 faceless pumpkins scattered throughout the game to reveal Slender Man’s Halloween costume. Once all pumpkins have been obtained, an option in the gameplay settings will be revealed to show his costume. Turn it on and hop into any level with Slender Man and try to find him. It’ll surely be a surprise.

Now on to today’s patch notes!

Performance Changes

  • Improved performance for mid and low end machines

  • Fixed a bug that caused max view distance to be 10x further than anticipated

  • Fixed a bug that caused resolution scale to work unreliably

  • Added PSO cache for SM5 to smooth out hitches on lower end machines. (SM6 already had this)

  • Added occlusion culling for low end devices where nanite is not present

  • Upgraded DLSS and Streamline plugins to 5.3


  • Added camera shake when looking at slender to better represent the original (can be turned off using the "camera animations" setting.

  • Improved Slender's AI.

    • He can no longer be stared at for a long time,

    • He chases more often without teleporting away.

    • He has a chance to teleport when in view after 6 pages.

    • Fixed situations where players can be insta-killed unfairly

Bug Fixes

  • Removed context ping from single player levels

  • Fixed an issue where the radio tower appears low poly

  • Fixed missing overhead garage door at Kate's house

  • Fixed a bug where charlie would not appear in the burnt down house

  • Fixed a bug where a scream would not be heard when going through the gate if no page picked up

  • Fixed a bug that caused Kate's house to lose proper reflections

  • Fixed some reported game crashes

  • Fixed a bug where charlie could be kited in homestead on normal and easy difficulties

  • Fixed a bug where water would show coloured spotty patterns when viewed at certain angles

  • Fixed a bug where 'Flashback' would spawn the player in the tape room on second playthrough

  • Fixed multiple instances where the camera would not render on the player's shadow

  • Fixed a bug where the player could escape the final room in "The Arrival"

  • Multiple typo and spelling mistake fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the final cutscene could be triggered by walking to a corner in the basement

  • Fixed a bug where the charlie would not disappear from the staircase after picking up both notes in "The Arrival"

  • Fixed multiple issues in a unnamed level

  • Fixed an issue with light leaking into the cellar when it should pitch black.

  • Fixed issues with base resolution scale causing confusion with DLSS negative performance

  • Fixed visible seams in Kate's house (Escape)

Quality of Life Updates

  • Added numerical representations to options sliders

  • Removed look bindings from arrow keys (requires deleting axis bindings from gameusersettings.ini in user/local/slenderthearrival/saved/config)

  • Added the ability to toggle the player's hud using the Tab key (or select on controller). This can be rebound.

  • Lauren's height decreased a bit

  • Slender's height increased a bit

  • Slender's head and hands textures improved

  • Slender's arms lengthened

2023 Halloween Event

  • Added Halloween Decor

  • Added 30 faceless pumpkins

  • Added Slender's costume if 30 faceless pumpkins are found and setting is enabled in the gameplay menu

Blue Isle Studios Official Discord

Before we wrap up today’s update, we have put together our new Blue Isle Studios Discord. We put together this Discord for everyone to stay up to date with the latest development from our studio and updates for our games. If you’re interested in joining please feel free to click the link below.

If you’re interested in only following the studio and Slender: The Arrival updates you can do so by choosing the Slender: The Arrival role in the role-pick channel. We’ll continue to update our game announcements there, so be sure to choose the titles you would like to hear the latest development news from.

And on that note, we are all done for today. Enjoy today’s update, please keep sending us feedback and we will do our best to continue to bring you more scares! Good luck trick-or-treating!


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